​​​​​​Established in 1903, the Paxton Carnegie Library remains one of Paxton's finest landmarks. During the library's long history, its unique architectural design features have been carefully preserved.

As you step inside the library, you enter an extraordinary space that is a treasure for many and varied reasons. For some, it is a santuary, a refuge from the noise and confusion of life. They seek peace and tranquility, a quiet place to read a good book and forget the world outside for a little while. 

For others, the library is the world outside. Here, they are able to connect with humanity, in person and on the internet. A public library is often a social center in a community, and ours is no exception. Ideas are exchanged here, friendships formed. Even if you arrive alone, you're not likely to feel lonely as, one way or another, libraries are all about people.

Many find knowledge within these walls. They are here to look for information, to study, or to teach their children about libraries and life.

Peace. Connection. Learning. What will you ​come looking for at Paxton Carnegie Library? We'll help you find it!

Paxton Carnegie Library

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 ... serving the community since 1903.




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